Who's the boss? Dallas is the boss!

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Who's the boss? Dallas is the boss!

Dallas Matthews, who's 57 years old, is the boss.

Tarzan, who's 29 years old, is her employee. He's brought her the reports she needed, but she tells him, "You're not up to par with our expectations."

He needs more experience.

"You need to become more aggressive with your clients," she says. And she's going to show him how.

By sucking and fucking his cock?

Hey, every boss has her own style. Dallas' style includes blonde hair and big tits and a great pussy.

"I'm very aggressive when it comes to sex," Dallas said, "but I like a man to be a man. It doesn't matter how tall they are. Sometimes short guys can really strut their stuff. And it doesn't matter how tall you are in bed. It's my legs that are long. If you're spooning, you're just together."

Dallas was born and raised in Washington before she moved to Canada and then back to Washington. She's divorced.

"I've had quite an interesting life," she said, "I've done quite a bit, everything from construction and house-building to… Read More »
Featuring: Dallas Matthews and Tarzan
Date: December 11th, 2023
Duration: 16:16

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