Luna's employee bonus

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Luna's employee bonus

Luna Azul, 60, pulls the old, "Lady boss catches the young employee at the copy machine and decides to fuck him because he's making copies of pictures of her pussy," trick. You never heard of that trick, did you? Well, you might have heard about a hot female boss, and you might have heard about male employees checking her out behind her back and talking about how much they'd like to fuck her. Well, that's what's been going on in Luna's office, but what the boys don't realize is that Luna wants to fuck them, too.

Some of the best parts of this scene come early on, such as when Luna sits on the desk in the middle of the copy room and tells her employee to eat her pussy right then and there, and if they get caught, so what? She's the boss. Another good part is when the employee realizes Luna is wearing pantyhose and the only way to get to her pussy is to tear a hole in them. Which he does, and Luna doesn't mind that she's going to have a hole in her pantyhose for the rest of the day,… Read More »
Featuring: Luna Azul and Tony D'Sergio
Date: October 16th, 2023
Duration: 23:25

Member Comments

Just hot...her ass is amazing !!

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