Bethany gets a creampie from her boss

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Bethany gets a creampie from her boss

Bethany James, a 64-year-old divorcee, plays out a favorite fantasy: boss fucks his sexy employee. The boss is Mr. DeSergio. The sexy employee is, of course, Bethany. In real life, Bethany is a retired executive who worked for the State of Ohio. She was more the boss, less the employee, and she enjoyed more than her share of business trips during which she picked up strange men, took them back to her hotel room and fucked them.

"I once picked up two fabulous men in a downtown hotel in Chicago and took them back to my room," she said. "We fucked all night, then we never saw each other again."

Here, Bethany fucks her boss, filling her mouth with his cock then getting fucked in her pussy. She's wearing pantyhose, for those of you who are into that (we know a lot of you are), and at the end, Bethany gets a creampie in her pussy. "Nice and messy," Bethany said afterwards. "Just how I like it."

A creampied 60plus...just how we like 'em! Read More »
Featuring: Bethany James and Tony D'Sergio
Date: December 25th, 2023
Duration: 22:51

Member Comments

She is hands-down one of the hottest GILFs every to perform.

She knows how to have fun and talk dirty.

Major, major turn on.

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